Birth Parent

Placing a child for adoption is a big step.  At Common Sense Adoption Services we are especially committed to helping children with any special needs find the family that can really provide for them. 

We keep things confidential.  If you have concerns about your pregnancy or any risk factors for your child you can talk with our staff openly about those issues.  We screen and train families to be prepared to parent children who may have any number of special needs.  We want you to feel confident that we can help you find your child a good home no matter how healthy or at risk for future challenges.

Our caring and experienced professionals are here to talk with you about possible plans for your child.  We will work with you to have as private or as open an arrangement with an adoptive family as you are comfortable with.  It is our goal to help you find the family that you feel will raise your child in the best way possible, giving that child the permanent loving home you want for him or her.

To talk to someone in person about your situation, call 717-412-0772 or
1-800-445-2444 or e-mail us at to set up an appointment for a free, private individual meeting.