Adopting a child is a lifetime commitment and the process can seem overwhelming.  Our goal is to help prospective adoptive parents learn about the options, costs, risks and rewards of various adoption possibilities.

There are many different options to adopt a child. 
Private Domestic Adoptions
most commonly involve infants placed with adoptive families with varying degrees of connection between the birth parents and adopting parents.
Public Domestic Adoptions
involve children and siblings of various ages who are being adopted from the public child welfare system and International Adoptions are for children who come from other countries.

Costs for adoptions can vary greatly.  Public Domestic Adoptions often involve minimal costs and even some financial support for adoptive parents.  Private Domestic and International Adoptions can be expensive once all the legal fees, travel costs and professional services are totaled.  However there are some tax credits that may help to offset costs and some employers provide adoption reimbursements.

Risks for each type of adoption also differ. Some risks involve the length of time birth parents have to change their minds before an adoption is legally finalized.  Others may include physical, mental and emotional health risks and potential learning challenges.

Rewards abound in each type of adoption as well.  Our goal is to work with you to help determine which risks, rewards and costs best work with you and your family.  There is no simple answer and Common Sense Adoption Services can be of assistance with whatever adoption program you select.

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