Background Checks/Applicant Resources: (for child abuse history clearance and links for FBI and state police clearances.  Follow links for Forms to access downloadable forms.  This is also the official website for the PA Department of Public Welfare, which is responsible for licensing adoption and foster care providers) (official website for US Citizenship and Immigration Services for the Department of Homeland Security.  Families adopting internationally can access information and forms for adoption approval through USCIS) (select ‘Your Social Security Earnings Statement’ to request a statement verifying income for last 10 years) (Adoption Tax Credit information provided by the IRS)

Training Resources: (online training resource – have Hague approved training programs for families adopting internationally) (online training programs for foster and adoptive families) (online resource for CPR and First Aid training) (specialized resource for adoption related books and materials) ((Child Welfare Information Gateway provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services)

Waiting Child Resources: (registry of waiting children in PA) (registry of waiting children nationally)

Other Resources: (National Foster Parent Association) (PA Foster Parent Association) (Because I Said So is a daily blog looking at the ups, downs, and drive-your-kids-arounds of modern parenting, written by Carlisle Sentinel columnist Toni Fitzgerald.)